What Sets Us APart

Having sold homes in Denver for decades, we understand the nuanced wants and needs of the Denver buyer for each and distinct neighborhood. This knowledge is the foundation of our design/build process, an open collaborative process that results in an exceptionally designed home, appropriate for the neighborhood, built at a reasonable price.


Having worked and lived in Denver for the past 25+ years, we know each and every neighborhood. We drive block-by-block to find the most desirable home sites and determine each home’s offering price. We then buy direct from the public, avoiding the MLS and price-escalating competition. This achieves equity on day one.

Design & Build

We build everything from modest townhomes, urban duplexes to multi-million dollar custom homes. We have a singular team that we use every time to achieve consistent results. Led by Chris and Rob, we use the same architect, engineer, designer and builder to employ a proven system that yields consistent outcomes and timely projects.

This system begins with existing, time tested plans to compress the timeline and reduce risk. Through this “reuse & improve” process, we know we are working with a proven design. Since the builder is involved in design, rework is kept to a minimum, cost is known early and options have already been explored and vetted.


As we grow, we’re looking to expand our investor partnerships. With a Joint Venture partnership, you’ll sit side by side with us as a voting member of the team. Investors share the risk and upside alongside us. Alternatively, we offer fixed or variable investments in the form of a loan. These loans reduce your risk and are paid in full before we receive our return.

We hope you consider partnering with our winning Single Track team! We would love to meet in person and take you into the field to show off our current projects and current investment opportunities.